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How To Make Boutique Applique Overalls eBook


How many times have you looked at a pair of boutique overalls and wished you could make your own pair, but how?  Well, here's your chance!  I have compiled a "How To" eBook.

I have been toying with this idea for a while now.  So, with my most recent custom pair of overalls, I decided to just do it.  As I created the overall, I took photo to document step by step so that you can see what I am referring to.  I started typing up my procedures and inserting the edited photos.  It has taken me a while to compose, but I have finished and I am excited to share with others.  Please go to http://tinyurl.com/3p4en8h if you would like to preview fist.

My eBook is in the form of a PDF file.  It covers instruction, but not actual applique patterns.  If you are interested in patterns, please email me.  My eBooks are not to be copied, distributed nor sold to to others.

I had a very nice customers take the time out to email me this note:

Hi Carol:
Just wanted to let you know I received the cd of your book as well as the email version.  Thanks so much!  It's very informative and detailed enough to let the public know how to make the overalls.

I have made my first practice overalls.  (Took your advice and went to children's resale shop.)  I look at your designs frequently on the TicTacTogs website and admire the neatness and professional way you applique! ... and marvel at the unique designs and perfect stitching!  One can tell you are an artist!

Thanks again ... I have my winter projects in motion and shall greet the Spring with cute overalls for my two grandchildren!

Best wishes,

Here's my eBay feedback from customers who purchased my eBook:

Positive feedback rating  VERY WELL WROTE OUT AND EASY TO FOLLOW THANKS - Nicole

Positive feedback rating Great purchase! Fast Shipping, Excellent communication -  Amy

Positive feedback rating As described. Thank you!! - Sherri

Positive feedback rating Fast Shipping, Just as Described, Thanks So Much !!! - Sandra

Positive feedback rating Nice product............ - Sharon

Positive feedback rating Thanks! Great transaction! - Aimee

Positive feedback rating way cool e book helped alot thanks - tiffany

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